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Wen is Marketing - How the community work for their bags

Written by The Guardian — December 16, 2021
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Wen Marketing?
Wen Binance?
Wen CMC?

These are all interchangeably used when an investor expects the project team to "make price go up".

What investors must understand is marketing in the crypto world is heavily limited because cryptocurrency marketing is still restricted or under huge scrutiny on many platforms.

Crypto marketing is also notoriously more expensive due to these limitations because there are simply not as many marketing methods available.

However, there are also projects that can literally spend nothing on marketing and the price still goes up because they have managed to align their large community members to spread the word about the project.

What marketing methods can you do as a community member?

Here are some common and very effective things investors can do to help

1. Shill the project on Social Media and in Groups ( With Permission )

It is totally fair game shilling it on your own social channels such as twitter, stocktwits public reddit groups and tagging other projects to gain exposure when users search.

However, when it comes to community groups you must be careful.

It is frowned upon to blatantly shill your project in another project's group without contributing to the community first, never make any shill your first message, and always ask permissions before you shill.

There are also generic crypto groups that accept discussion about any token in the ecosystem, similarly make sure you engage meaningfully first before talking about your project.

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2. Voting on Coin listing sites

Most coin listing sites get heavy viewership from fellow investors like yourself. On these sites, there is always a trending coins section where the token that gets the most positive activity will be listed.

That does not require any money but just a few clicks from any member of the community.

3. Commenting on related content

There are many types of content about crypto on youtube.

Fellow investors like yourself are always looking through testimonials and reviews on projects and they will look through the video's comments to get a sentiment on the project.

You can either find the project you are invested in and tell others why you love it or find other projects closely related to yours and ask others to consider your project.

Not all content creators are fine with such comments so make sure you also engage meaningfully with their videos and the topic they are talking about.

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