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Frequently Asked Questions

Token Listing

How do I get a token listed on Wheretobuycrypto?
It's simple, submit our token listing request form on our website and wait for our team to check through your entry. While our criteria are not as strict as other token directories, we minimally need to see the following: - Website is up and running - Engaged community with a decent size - Tradable on high volume swaps and exchanges
What is a verified listing?
Verified listings are with project teams that our team has managed to communicate with and verify that the social media links, contract addresses and websites are correct.
Can anyone submit a listing?
Yes, we allow tokens to be submitted by community members, however these tokens will appear as unverified until the project owner responds and verifies that the information submitted is correct.

Buying Guides

How do I get a buying guide?
You can request it from us using our contact form. The english version of our buying guides are free of charge. To have a buying guide written by us, you will first have to have your project listed on our website and verify your contract addresses. Do note that listing is subjected to preliminary screening by our team members to make sure your project is legitimate.
Do you use automatic translation for your buying guides?
No, we work with native speakers to translate our buying guides for every single language.
How do I get my buying guide translated?
Translated buying guides cost $159 per language, please send us a request through the contact form and we will check your requirements on telegram/discord. If our partnerships team likes your project a lot, we may waive this fee for you. Check with them if it's possible.
What languages can you translate to?
We are able to translate to 14 languages for now. The list are as follow: Spanish German Turkish French Ukrainian Russian Japanese Korean Thai Filipino ( Tagalog ) Chinese Vietnamese Indonesian ( Bahasa Indonesia) Portugese

Data Access and Security

How is the data collect for tokens listed on Wheretobuycrypto?
Our data comes from a mix of credible sources, popular token scanners as well as community submitted sources. All community submitted data will be manually verified by our team before they gain our coveted verified status. However, verified data does not remove any risk of contract scams or rug pulls from project team, please do your own research diligently.
Is the data suitable for investment decisions?
No, we do not guarantee that information on this website is accurate as we do not collect data directly from project teams. This is a platform that just collates data from different sources, we do not provide any financial advise on this website. Any cryptocurrency directory, including ourself is susceptible to malicious code injections that may alter and change important information about projects. We always recommend users double-check important information from other credible sources. Ranking such as "trending tokens" are user curated and should not be taken as advice from the Wheretobuycrypto team.
A project on your website has rugged, what do you do about that?
Unfortunately there is no precise method to fully guarantee a project's credibility. Even project teams that have KYC-ed or have completed audits flawlessly can manipulate investors to lose their money through intricate and fraudulent schemes. Some projects may even engineer their "rug-pulls" to look like natural declination of their project. We do delist project's that have rugged when users report them. If you see a project that has signs of being fraudulent, please report it to us immediately and we will do review the project to decide whether to delist them or not.

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