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Ultimate Guide to Setting Up your Crypto Discord Server for Success - Discord Template Included

Written by The Guardian — March 26, 2022
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Greetings reader.

If you are on this page, you would already know that having a discord server is important for crypto projects to build visibility and retain a loyal pool of community members.

In this guide, we will give you the step by step instructions on how to create a Discord server specifically for Cryptocurrency projects, from start to finish.

What we will talk about in this guide for creating Discord Server for Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Projects

We will talk about a few important topics that most beginners miss out on when creating their servers

  1. Creating your server
  2. Create Channel Structure for your Blockchain Project
  3. Setup Verification bot for your Blockchain Project

Step 1. Creating your Server

We recommend using our template here that contains all the category, channel, and role structures preset for blockchain communities, the methods for creating a server are slightly different.

Before we start, make sure you have already registered an account on Discord.

If you are creating from scratch, below are the exact steps to creating a server as well as key items to change for better personalization of the branding of your project for your Discord Server.

1.1 - Create the Server

Click the add a server button and Click Create your owner Server.

1.2 - Choose the correct server type

Click Create My Own and do not start with any templates that they have because it's not relevant for crypto communities.

Then select for a club/community then followed by typing your project name and uploading your logo.

Congratulations you have a discord server now after completing this step!

Step 2. Install common channel structures for Blockchain Project

The reason why some users prefer Discord to Telegram for community chatter is that the information is way more organized on Discord.

However, it's also important for you to set up the channel in a way that is structured and familiar to Crypto investors so that they can easily blend into your community without much friction.

Let's get into how to set up the right categories and channels for your project.

2.1 - Install our blockchain template

You may have seen the other options for using templates but currently, there are no good templates on the web that fits a blockchain project completely.

That is why we have created WhereCrypto's Template which you can install here to quickly add all servers without spending hours to set it up.

Click this link here to install our discord template.

2.2 - Customise the Categories and Roles to your liking

We will talk about each category and its channels in the next steps.

We understand that not all channels are applicable to your project so feel free to modify or remove whatever channels that are not applicable to your blockchain project.

We have also added a template copywriting which are not imported from our discord template.

2.3 - Welcome

An essential channel to make sure your community members can quickly learn about your project and why they should invest in it as not all discord users come from your website.

Most newcomers may come from discord invites and we want them to easily do their due diligence.

That is why it's important to have all your official resource links and also marketing content in the welcome category immediately.

Official Links

In this channel, we have all the links to official information from your team.

You can copy and paste the template text here into the channel.

Here are the official links to <Project Name>. 

Website -
Twitter -
Gitbook -
Medium -
Youtube -

Please stay away from any links that are not listed here as they are not endorsed by our project.


The next section is the rules section where you explicitly tell your community members what they cannot do on your server.

It's important to make the channel as inclusive as possible and stay away from sensitive topics that may get the server banned as a whole.

You can copy and paste the template rules below:

Thank you for joining <Project Name>'s community.

To ensure that everyone has a great time here on our server, here are some ground rules that we expect all members to comply with:

1. Be respectful of each other

2. No spreading of misinformation or deliberate FUD

3. No threats and promotion of violence

4. No discrimination, bullying, and hate speech towards others

5. No pornographic materials are allowed in this community

6. No unsolicited DMs to other members

7. Moderators reserve the right to ban anyone who is deemed harmful to the group's purpose

8. Each channel has a purpose, please use it for the right purpose.

9. Comply with discord's general guidelines ( )

2.4 - News

The News section is as it is named, a place where your community members can keep up to date with all the latest updates of your project at a glance.

Here are the channels that we think are relevant to keep your community members excited.


Let investors quickly know about the latest updates you have on your project in one channel.

This can be timely information such as:

  • New proposals to vote on
  • Audit progress
  • Giveaways
  • Important changes

Media Mentions

Investors love to know that the project is getting media coverage because that adds credibility to your project.

Community Links

This section is mainly for building trust and social proof from community-generated content or parking your sponsored influencer videos.

There should not be any templates for this so you can paste individually each generated post or youtube videos so the embed shows up as a social media newsfeed just as the original content creator intended.

We believe this creates a lot of excitement for your project instead of static links in the previous channels.

Credits to Coin Bureau, one of our favorite Cryptocurrency Youtubers.

2.5 - How to buy

The most important channel in your server.

If there are no investors, there is no project.

You will always need to make buying your project as easy as possible for all people interested in your project.

This makes any marketing spend you have even more effective because you won't be wasting precious ad dollars on an audience that is not able to buy your tokens due to a lack of buying information.

Great projects do not neglect the huge pool of non-Defi crypto investors and non-English speaking crypto investors as they know this audience actually makes up a huge majority of the market.

The buying steps should be as detailed as possible, including adding networks to crypto wallets or bridging tokens over to your blockchain.

We do not recommend pasting text into this channel because

  • You can't add images to the steps so it becomes confusing
  • It is too lengthy to read if you include bridging guides
  • Given the above, you can't make this for multiple languages.

We suggest linking it to your website instructions OR even better, the WhereCrypto buying guide that is created for you which consists of all information from turning fiat into crypto all the way to bridging to the right network.

WhereCrypto even includes switching to the correct language options with one click.

It will take at least one to two weeks and good money to translate your buying information into 14 languages and also set up the multi-lingual options on your website.

You can request a buying guide to be written here which you will receive within the next 1-2 days if your project is approved.

2.6 - Community Chat

This is where most of your community members will hang out at all times.

We have included the four most common channels in every crypto discord server here.

We advise not creating too many channels if you are just starting out as there are not enough members to create liveliness in each channel and some channels will just become "dead" and not inviting to new users.


A channel for conversations about anything under the sun including the general crypto markets and about your project.

You may consider creating sub-channels for different general topics depending on your group size and interests.


You will always need a dedicated section for price talk because price movements can be highly independent of the project's progress.

Obviously, we do not want any negative price talk when the project goes down because it affects the confidence of other investors but you will still need an outlet for investors to vent which is the purpose of this channel.


This channel is important for you to capture valuable community feedback and suggestions on your project.

Good suggestions can often be lost in the general chat so moderators can always direct community members to post their suggestions in the suggestions chat.


A dedicated questions channel is very important so that moderators can quickly provide support to users instead of going through the entire general chat.

Also, new members can easily read through the past question asked so this channel acts an improvised FAQ page.

2.7 - International Channels

As your community grows, the non-English speaking population in your server will also increase.

It's important to be inclusive and give them an avenue to chat with their fellow nationals about your project's progress.

We have added a list of languages with growing crypto adoption that you should cater for.

2.8 - Staff/Team Channels

You will always need to have a private channel for conversation between team members and moderators so everyone can better manage the community.

The privacy for this channel should be already set to private by default but please double-check to make sure that it is not visible to the casual viewer.

Step 3. Install the Verification bot for your Blockchain Project

A verification bot is highly recommended for all discord servers.

Crypto discord is dominated by shill bots and scammers, it's important you try your best to block the majority of these bots so that your moderators won't have an uphill battle trying to ban scammers later.

There are two verification bots we recommend with their own pros and cons.

Captcha bot - More secure against bots but harder to setup reaction roles - Less secure but easier to setup

We will give both methods below so pick your preferred method.

You can drop by our discord server to test out the verification bot here.

3a.1 - Add a verification bot ( Captcha Bot )

Click this link to go to the captcha bot.

And click the invite button to invite the Captcha bot to your server.

After you have selected the right server, allow the Captcha bot to have these permissions.

You should now see the Captcha bot in your server.

3a.2 - Create a "Verified" Role and Restrict the @everyone Role ( Optional )

The steps here are for those who have not cloned our Discord Server Template.

If you cloned the template exactly, these roles will already be set for you.

We are going to create a "Verified" role that we can assign to people who have completed the Captcha so we can set permissions for which channels they can view.

Go to the server settings

And click on Roles and the Create Role button

And then create a role called Verified.

Set the Verified role to be able to see all channels.

Now we want to restrict the @everyone role so that not everyone who joins will have access to the channels.

Then head to server settings >> roles.

Make sure the captcha bot is above the verified role in the list, if it isn't you can just drag it up.

3a.3 - Create a "Logs" Channel ( Optional )

Again, the steps here are for those who have not cloned our Discord Server Template.

If you cloned the template exactly, these channel will already be created for you.

The logs channel basically logs what the user is typing when they are trying to get verified so you have some visibility on the verification process your user is taking.

Click on the create a channel button.

And create a channel called "Captcha-logs"

3a.4 - Create a Verification Channel ( Optional )

Again, this channel is already created for you.

Using the same steps you used to create the Captcha-logs channel, create a verification channel, "Verify-here", which visitors will land to verify with the Captcha bot.

3a.5 - Mapping the Channels to their functions

Now go to any text channel and copy and paste the following bot command

/config verification_channel set

You should set an option that says "Set the verification channel".

Go ahead and click it and select the "Verify-here" channel and then press enter.

If it does not appear in the options due to having too many channels, simply type it out the word and it should filter and show the channel.

Next, add the verified role by copy and pasting the following bot command.

/config roles add

And select the verified role.

Lastly, add the config logs channel by pasting the following bot command.

/config logs set

Select the captcha-logs channel.

3a.6 - Setting channel permissions for "Verify-here"

Now that every channel is hidden by default to @everyone.
We still need them to see the "Verify-here" channel to verify themselves, so we are going to change the channel permissions for this channel.

Click the edit channel button

And go to the advanced settings and change it as follow.

3a.7 - Create the Verification button in your Verification channel

You will have noticed that the verification channel is empty because users will receive a DM by default to verify themselves.

However, that can be quite confusing for new users who do not check their DMs.

Let's create a better user experience by placing the verification bot so that they can't miss it.

Copy and paste the following code in the verification channel

/config panel

And click on the "Setup the button panel" button and click on the text option so you can type any verification text that you want to display.

Next, click on the "Dismiss message" button for the command you have entered so you can have a clean verification page.

The final step is to remove the sending message option from this channel from @everyone after you have set up the bot so that no one else can type in the verification channel from now on.

Congratulations you are done with setting up the Captcha verification bot!

Now if you prefer an easier method to verify, let's learn about

3b.1 - Add a verification bot ( )

Click this link to go to the bot and click the add to server button on the top right.

Select your server and grant the Dyno bot all the permissions to manage the server.

After you have verified, you should now see Dyno bot in your discord server.

3b.2 - Create the verification roles

Head back to your discord server and go to the server settings

And click on Roles and the Create Role button

And then create a role called Verified.

Set the Verified role to be able to see all channels.

Now we want to restrict the @everyone role so that not everyone who joins will have access to the channels.

Now let's set some special permissions for the Verify-here channel so that @everyone will be able to see our verification message and react to it. Click the Edit channel button for Verify here.

Go to the permissions tab and select settings for @everyone

Make sure enable reactions and read message history are enabled.

Now @everyone will be able to see and react to messages in the verify-here channel.

Next, go to server settings and roles.

Make sure is above the verification roles in your server settings >> roles, if not you can drag it up in the list.

3b.3 - Head back to to setup the Reaction Module

Click into the Server you want to manage.

And under the modules tab, use the search bar to search for Reaction Roles, enable it and go to the settings.

Click the New Message button and give your server any name you want. Most importantly select the verify-here channel as the selected channel.

You may also just let Dyno Bot be the verification message sender or select an existing message on your verify-here channel as the message to react to.

Customise the "React here to get Roles" to any message you want.

If you want to react to an existing message, type a message in the verify-here channel and get the message ID.

You will only be able to see the ID when you right-click if you turn on Developer Mode on the settings page.

Copy and paste the ID in the existing message field and save and you are done.

After clicking Save, your verification channel should work perfectly, make sure you invite a friend to test it out.


It's a really long process so make sure you clone our discord server template to skip half the steps in this section.

If you face any problems or you need help, feel free to drop by our Discord server and post your questions under the #support channel.

If you have completed this guide, you can read our next tutorial on how you can set up a cool price tracker for your project on discord.

The information and publications are not intended to be and do not constitute financial advice, investment advice, trading advice or any other advice or recommendation of any sort offered or endorsed by also does not warrant that such information and publications are accurate, up to date or applicable to the circumstances of any particular case.
The Guardian
The Guardian is the guild master at WhereCrypto, helping new adventurers navigate the risky yet rewarding world of cryptocurrencies

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