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WhereCrypto is a "Medieval Themed" blockchain directory and that focus solely on content surrounding buying upcoming cryptocurrency projects.

👩‍💻Why How to buy Guides?

The answer is simple. 

It is very important and too overlooked  for the adoption of Decentralized finance.

Majority of the crypto currency buyers has been isolated from projects not listed on Popular Centralised Exchanges due to:
Lack of knowledge on bridging and wallets
Lack of content in their native language
This is due to the mismatch of skill level for project teams who are highly technical and beginner investors who even struggle with the KYC process on exchanges.

Think about the last time you asked a friend who is a Defi beginner to buy a token on PancakeSwap,  you would probably have to handhold him or her through the process just to make sure the purchase goes through.

On top of that, access to popular exchanges are also limited in places that need them the most - this restriction leaves beginners with only the option to use DEXes and which makes them susceptible to:
Administrator Scams
Wallet Scams
Our buying guides solves these issues by provided step-by-step instructions on how to purchase tokens safely.

Most importantly, we also cater for languages in countries where Crypto Adoption is sky rocketing.

Meet the team

The WhereCrypto is hard at work reaching out to project teams to gather information about how we can better improve our buying guides.

Remember to say hello if you see anyone of them in your community!
Note that our team members will never DM you unless they have tagged you in a group chat, please add them as a contact if you have an on-going communication to prevent any scammers from impersonating them.
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